Today Is A Good Day: Threshold Interactive Acquired by Zealot Networks

Our reaction to today's news
Our reaction to today’s news

Change Communications proudly congratulates our client Threshold Interactive on being acquired by former Maker Studios co-founder Danny Zappin’s Zealot Networks! Threshold has been recognized for their kickass work for brands including Butterfinger and Hot Pockets, and their creativity clearly caught Zealot’s eye. Just watch their hilarious video for Hot Pockets with Kate Upton and Snoop Dogg for further evidence.

As a small powerhouse, Threshold’s goal has been to grow, and this acquisition achieves that. However, Threshold has not forgotten what makes them so dynamic. Threshold’s CEO John Montgomery told AdAge “The first thing I tell clients is Threshold’s not changing, what this does is it makes us a much more powerful marketing partner for them. Now we’re plugged into the Zealot network, and our level of relationships [and] the tools and talent that we have to plug into from Zealot is a perfect complement to what we already do very well.”

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Threshold since 2012, and we’ve seen them earn success and recognition for their talent, including winning the AdAge Small Agency of the Year award in 2013, and cross their ten-year anniversary milestone last year. We look forward to toasting the next ten years with Threshold and Zealot. Read the rest of today’s news on AdAge.

Threshold Interactive Finalists For Two Shorty Awards

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Congratulations to Threshold Interactive on being named finalists for not one, but two (!) Shorty Industry Awards! The Shorty Awards honor the best in social media so we’re stoked to see Threshold recognized for their brilliant “You Got What I Eat” Hot Pockets video and as Best Agency of the Year.

Good luck, Threshold! You’re winners in our book.

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#Does #This #Hurt #Your #Eyeballs?

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Remember when # was just a functional symbol for number? Those days are long gone and now that hashtags have entered the public lexicon in ways you never imagined, or frankly wanted, hashtags have become so overused that even Jimmy Fallon’s making fun of it.

Hashtags were meant to organize, categorize and better find and follow conversations. Now they’re cluttered, abused and irritating. Everyone has that friend who fills up their Facebook feed with meaningless hashtags that no one could possibly comprehend.

Threshold Interactive has heard your cries and have the answer: Hash Snag. The new app* is here to end the hashtag epidemic (with tongue firmly in cheek).

Next time, think twice before you bust out that #yolo tag and #HashSnag that up.

*Sense of humor required before using

Check out the articles on Threshold’s Hash Snag app on Digiday and Technorati


Threshold Interactive Lights Up Hot Pockets’ Viral Videos


Kate Upton, Snoop Dogg and Larry King walk into a bar together…

The unlikely trio aren’t the setup to a bad joke. They’re the stars of Hot Pockets’ latest mind-exploding Internet video. Parodying Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend (You’ve Got What I Need)” to “You’ve Got What I Eat,” the trippy video, created by Threshold Interactive, will make you wonder if you’re hallucinating or just plain hungry.

Every media outlet from USA Today to US magazine are feeding the frenzy. Even BuzzFeed has trotted out their listicle on it (proof that the video has really made it). Hot Pockets, and Threshold, are used to this kind of attention. Their first Snoop Dogg collaboration was last year’s “Pocket Like It’s Hot,” one of the top 12 most watched brand ads on YouTube.

Their latest mind melter cranks it all the way past 11, leaving you with just enough brain cells to wonder what the next video will be like. In the meantime, fire up that Hot Pocket for us.