#Does #This #Hurt #Your #Eyeballs?


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Remember when # was just a functional symbol for number? Those days are long gone and now that hashtags have entered the public lexicon in ways you never imagined, or frankly wanted, hashtags have become so overused that even Jimmy Fallon’s making fun of it.

Hashtags were meant to organize, categorize and better find and follow conversations. Now they’re cluttered, abused and irritating. Everyone has that friend who fills up their Facebook feed with meaningless hashtags that no one could possibly comprehend.

Threshold Interactive has heard your cries and have the answer: Hash Snag. The new app* is here to end the hashtag epidemic (with tongue firmly in cheek).

Next time, think twice before you bust out that #yolo tag and #HashSnag that up.

*Sense of humor required before using

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