Why Brands Like North Social


Brands on a budget always get the short end of the stick when it comes to viral marketing opportunities. Unless a small business can afford to keep a design whiz, an engineering mastermind and a marketing guru in-house, chances are they’re struggling to achieve and maintain visibility and relevancy in today’s social media-driven market. North Social saw that disparity, and launched a suite of 18 Facebook applications designed to level the playing field for brands looking to grow their fanbase. For under $20 a month, any company can unlock North Social’s arsenal of easy to use, powerful applications, designed to help your brand build out and capitalize on the one thing that money can’t buy: creativity. All it takes is a good idea and with North Social’s apps, you won’t have to worry about finding the budget to execute that good idea.

North Social is truly changing the marketplace, and the way in which brands can now promote themselves. Change Communications is proud to work with North Social to provide businesses, individuals and brands of all sizes equal access to tools to help them build a better following. Super Like!

One of North Social's Many Apps