‘Tis The Season To Give


We can’t remember the last time we asked for a holiday present from a friend or loved one. Maybe we’re just old, and the joy of furiously unwrapping a present seems like a childhood novelty, but there’s never been a “thing” that we’ve wanted, other than a vintage Shelby Mustang and we don’t think anyone loves us THAT much. And seriously, Car Commercials, do people really buy each other cars for the holidays? Because if so, we’d like to marry you. Instead, we’ve always hoped our family members and friends would donate to one of the many in-need charities that we support. And that’s our hope for you, that you too will encourage your loved ones, clients, vendors, whoever sends you a fruit basket, to save that money and donate it to a non-profit instead.

And before you worry that the non-profit that you are considering donating to is one run by corrupt types like the scummy Wyclef Jean, Charity Navigator has always been a good tool to research a non-profit that you’re interested in donating to. Word-of-mouth among your network doesn’t hurt, nor does a quick and dirty Google search of the charity.

And hey, if you really love us, and we know that you do, we’ll forgo that vintage Mustang if you donate to one of the below non-profits that we support. They are all organizations we’ve either done pro bono work for, charities that we’ve volunteered for, or charities that we simply support and believe in, so we’re pretty confident that your money will go into the right hands and a make difference.

Be the Match Foundation/Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
What a Pair! (benefiting the John Wayne Cancer Institute)
The Alameda County Community Food Bank
The Midnight Mission
Testicular Cancer Foundation
JW House
Good Neighbors
Bay Area Parents Leadership Action Network
Oakland Digital