The Best Summer Camp For Girls


Do you want to be your daughter’s hero? Then you’d best sign her up for the world-famous L.A. Derby Dolls‘ annual Junior Roller Derby Camp.

Even Kristen Stewart is a fan
Even Kristen Stewart is a fan

The Derby Dolls are local celebrities and have been featured in recent episodes of “The Bachelor,” “Bunheads,” “Bones,” and countless other TV shows. As a community-focused organization that is women-operated and women-owned, the Derby Dolls host health fairs, fundraisers and job fairs and were at the frontlines of the recent and successful campaign to elect their councilman and early champion, Eric Garcetti, to Mayor.

One of the coolest things that the Derby Dolls is their annual Summer Camp for girls ages 7-17. This year, from July 15 through July 19, camp attendees will be trained by some of the country’s best roller derby skaters and learn about teamwork, community, leadership and athleticism. Sound too hardcore? It’s not. The camp is organized by different skill levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) and girls with no experience skating will learn how to roll on eight wheels.

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We’re proud to support the L.A. Derby Dolls in their efforts to make girls even more awesome. To sign your daughter up for the Junior Derby Summer Camp, visit or email [email protected]