Synergizing About Change


Synergies in Sync would like to change the world. More precisely, your world. This innovative organization works with individuals, companies and governments around the globe to help them spur change by means of social entrepreneurship, an emerging economic sector that strives to solve social problems through business practices. Giving these groups of social entrepreneurs the technology, strategy and education to execute their goals, Synergies in Sync takes a grassroots approach to empowering “changemakers” as they strive to alleviate problems in their own communities such as hunger, lack of education and crime.

Change Communications recently teamed up with Synergies in Sync to help them re-brand their organization and website. We worked closely with their team to take a very complex and still-relatively-unknown sector of philanthropy in social entrepreneurship and turn their mission and website into a simple, immediate and powerful experience for anyone who visits it. It’s all part of what we at Change love to do: help those who are helping others.

We at Change are dedicated to the same ideals of bold empowerment for those who want to improve the world and are inspired by the mission of an organization like Synergies in Sync and their founder, Dr. Lani Fraizer. It has been truly remarkable learning about the good that Synergies in Sync is doing for people around the world.

For more information about Synergies in Sync or to check out their brand-spanking-new website, please visit