Racin’ Robots


Image Mario Kart set in a Pixar film starring Transformers and you have “Robot Race.”

A new racing game where you play as robots, the last denizens on a futuristic, post-apocalyptic Earth, “Robot Race” is available now for 99 cents in the iTunes Store for iPads and iPhones.

“Robot Race” was assembled by a dedicated, talented team of game enthusiasts called Easley Dunn Productions, and we’re excited to work with them. Scott Easley, CEO and Founder, is not only a game industry veteran who was one of the early employees at Oddworld (as well as stints at Eletronic Arts), but he is also an Emmy-award winning animator and writer. Easley and his co-founder, St John Colon, both worked at Pixar Studio’s Heavy Iron Studios, which is where the Pixar influence comes in.

We love “Robot Race” because it’s a simple, easy-to-play racing game that is set in a complex, fascinating world. The racing landscape is so well drawn out, we want to know and see more. From a Blade Runner-esque “Lost Angeles” to a military complex, the race tracks of “Robot Race” give the game its flare. In addition, dependent on which path you take while racing, your robot can transform into a plane or a car. Oh, and the robots’ designs were inspired by steampunk and Japanese toys from the 1940s. Which is freaking awesome.

There’s a lot more that we can say about “Robot Race” but we’d rather be playing it than talking about it. Check out the early review on iPhoneInformer and enter to win a free download code at Gamers’ Temple before Nov. 11.