Livin’ Outside the Box With Drift Innovation


When it comes to wearable POV cameras, GoPro has dominated the category with a force that even Apple would be envious of. Thanks to GoPro, the popularity of these types of cameras have only increased, opening the marketplace to (better) alternatives. Enter Drift Innovation.

In 2009, Drift had the right idea – that there needed to be more options for consumers, and the cameras needed to be intuitive. Drift wanted to simplify action cameras and make them as easy to use as a regular ole point-and-shoot. They wanted to make it so easy for someone to just buy an action camera that they could start shooting right out of the box and not have to figure out what does what or buy additional accessories. Drift released their first camera that year, and in 2012, released their flagship camera, the HD Ghost.

The HD Ghost was an immediate success and Drift began to be uttered in the same sentence as GoPro. Utilizing R&D from both their sponsored athletes and HD Ghost users, Drift set out to enhance the HD Ghost with the new Ghost-S.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 2.00.18 PM

The Ghost-S is Drift’s most powerful – yet easiest to use – camera to date. With impressive specs that rival GoPro, the Ghost-S also features the longest battery life on the market (3.5 hours), the ability to shoot 1080p @60fps  and accessories that most other companies sell as add-ons. It’s the perfect combination of power with simplicity.

The Ghost-S is available now at and at retail outlets worldwide.

Check out the awesome teaser video from Drift and read the early reviews from Engadget, Men’s Journal, CNET and CultOfMac.