Jam With GOOD, SF Goodwill, ImproveSF and Adaptive Path


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If there are two things that San Francisco does better than any other city, it’s advocacy and technology. The City of San Francisco knows what its citizens care about and is combining the power of advocacy and technology with its online community platform, ImproveSF.

Residents of the city are encouraged to engage and participate on ImproveSF, from crowdsourcing the design of the public library card to addressing issues of homelessness. This Friday, ImproveSF, in partnership with GOOD, Adaptive Path and the SF Goodwill, is launching the “Improve SF Design Jam: Rags to Riches” where active citizens will collaborate to address the challenge question: What local jobs and start-ups could we create from textiles now going to waste?

On Friday, Sept. 6 from 5:30-8pm, SF Goodwill will host a reception at their headquarters on 86 11th Street (cross street Mission) to kick off the Design Jam. Representatives from ImproveSF, GOOD, Adaptive Path, Goodwill and ImproveSF, including San Francisco’s Chief Innovation Officer Jay Nath, will be in attendance. Register to attend.

On Saturday, Sept. 7 from 9am-3:30pm, Adaptive Path‘s offices (Pier One, Bay 2) will host the many minds who will collaborate to come up with the best solutions to this Challenge.

Think you’re up for the Challenge? Sign up at EventBrite and get your mind grapes going.