Getting to Know Kihon


What is “Kihon?” The word is a Japanese term referring to mastering the basics and fundamentals of martial arts. For Kihon Games, the term is a philosophy, the way that Kihon approaches their craft. This dedication to quality and creativity led to Kihon’s investment from the venerated Rick Thompson and his Signia Ventures. We are proud to work with Kihon Games and in this interview with the App Marketing Podcast, CEO Mark Grossnickle offers insight into Kihon’s process, his vision, and the surprising genesis of Kihon’s first title, the popular game “Baby Monkey (Going Backwards on a Pig),” which recently surpassed half a million downloads. Along the way, Grossnickle explains his career path, and (brag alert) Change Communications gets a nice shoutout around the 18:00 mark! Thanks, Mark! It’s been our pleasure.

Kihon’s upcoming title, “Dojo Danger,” will hit the Apple store in Q2.

Screenshot from Kihon's upcoming "Dojo Danger" iOS game