Cool Things Our Cool Clients Are Doing


We’re lucky to work with clients that we’re passionate about. Everyone should be so lucky to believe in what they do every day, and it makes pitching busy reporters a lot easier when you’re excited about what you’re telling them (and you don’t have to call anything a “bespoke app”).

Here are some neat things a few of our clients have been up to:

Threshold Interactive‘s John Montgomery has been on a tear, discussing why his job is so f**king awesome on the Effies blog, ruminating innovations in video with Visible Measures at SXSW, celebrating Threshold’s milestone ten-year anniversary and prepping for his panel on “Building Audience, Building Buzz” at Digital Hollywood on May 5 (go see him speak if you’re in L.A.).

Transition Entertainment and William “Billy” Butler signed a first-look, multi-platform deal with Film Roman (aka the rad people who help bring you “The Simpsons”). His brilliant live stage show in L.A., “The Chuck Rivers Show,” was selected for the second year in a row to be in The Groundlings’ Anniversary Show on May 8. Get tickets while you still can.

San Francisco non-profit Kearny Street Workshop hosted their second successful “Dumpling Wars” fundraiser. Oakland Local was on the scene and wrote an event recap so good, it made us hungry for dumplings again.

Arizona startup Mobi Pizza launched their online ordering service to enable pizza shops of all sizes (not just those big chains with their cardboard pizzas) to provide online ordering for their customers. They’re helping the Davids compete against the Goliaths.

And finally, our beloved Kihon Games launched their brilliant CCG/tactical strategy game “Conquest of Champions” on early access Steam. See you on the battlefield!