Awards are Cool!


Who doesn’t appreciate a nice little pat on the back, especially if it comes from prestigious industry bigwigs?

For us, our awards come when our clients are honored. You won’t see a laundry list of industry awards for Change Communications and that’s because we don’t submit for them for ourselves. They take entirely too much time and energy, and those are better spent securing awards for our clients.

So we are thrilled to congratulate email security leader eCert for being honored by SC Magazine as a finalist for Best Rookie Security Company!

In addition, eCert is also recognized by the Info Security Products Guide as a finalist for two awards: Best Security Products and Solutions for Finance and Banking and for Best New Security Start-Up Company of the Year. Last year, eCert won Info Security Products Guide’s awards for Best Security Innovation and Woman Executive of the Year for CEO, Kelly Wanser.

eCert has been recognized for its security service to protect the email traffic of enterprises, banks/institutions, government agencies and all of their constituents, which basically means that they are protecting YOUR email from phishing and email fraud attacks. You don’t have to know how eCert does it but know that they are there making sure you’re not getting a wave of emails from fake banks asking for your financial information.

And hey, friendly PSA because we care, never give out your financial or personal information (social security number, address, banking account numbers, passwords, etc) to ANYONE, especially Nigerian Princes!