A Simple ‘Like’ Can Change the World


By now, most of us know that the smallest acts are often the most powerful.

Fundraising in this difficult economy has become a tremendous challenge for most non-profits, established and emerging. How do you get people to give when they can barely provide for themselves? In times like these, non-profits have to turn to creativity to raise funds.

International humanitarian relief non-profit, Good Neighbors, has come up with a very simple way to raise funds to feed hungry children in developing countries. By partnering with a generous donor who appreciates interesting ideas, Good Neighbors will donate 25 cents for every new “like” on their Facebook Fan page. Their goal is ambitious – they want to feed 32,000 kids – and entirely feasible.

Like it or not, Facebook is still the most widely used social media platform, and the one with the most cost-effective marketing opportunities. By tapping into a participatory community and asking them to do something they already do on a daily basis (liking fan pages), Good Neighbors is leveraging a basic act into a very powerful one. It’s not revolutionary, it’s not ingenious, but it’s creative and powerful and should accomplish Good Neighbors’ goal.

Help Good Neighbors feed hungry children here: https://www.facebook.com/goodneighborsusa?sk=app_128953167177144