A Gallery of Rogues


Turn up your speakers, click “HD” and watch this game trailer for the hotly anticipated PC shooter, HAWKEN. Don’t tell us you’re not a gamer, we don’t care. Just watch the video.

How cool was that??

OK, we’ve got something even cooler. Check out the latest trailer. Makes you want to be a gamer, doesn’t it?

The high-impact visual effects from Rogues Gallery make these game trailers stand out in a way that few other videogame trailers do. The indie producers and developers of HAWKEN were smart enough to focus on cinema-worthy trailers and Rogues Gallery’s photo-real Computer Graphic make us drool for the game. We’re biased because we’re proud to work with Rogues Gallery, but we think their visual effects are stunning and we rarely see this level of integration of photo-real effects and live-action shots.

Rogues Gallery has also created impressive work for the likes of Nickelodeon, Beats by Dre and Toyota. They specialize in bringing focused, determined creative teams to create high quality effects to enhance films, commercials, game trailers and more on the kind of budget that doesn’t make you have to take out a second mortgage.

Go visit Rogues Gallery’s website for more of their impressive work while we watch this trailer for the hundredth time.