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Featured client: Kihon Games

"Kihon Games delivers pure joy in the form of mobile games to people of all ages; what's not to love?"

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Reflections on a PR Internship

Reflecting is the key to success. Avoiding criticizing what we’ve done in the past can push us to repeat the same mistakes. In teaching, it’s often said that reflecting is the means to growth, so that you can keep adapting to … Read More »

Social Media Marketing Beyond Facebook

If this image is all too familiar to you as a brand marketer, it’s because Facebook has finally killed organic reach and the “free ride” is over for brands. This has been occurring for the past year so it should … Read More »

The Holidays in Union Square SF: A Brighter Celebration

It’s that time of the year again. You know, that time of the year when you get all those advertisements about Black Friday, when you scour online forums to find the perfect deal, when you can enjoy the winter season … Read More »

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