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Featured client: Kihon Games

"Kihon Games delivers pure joy in the form of mobile games to people of all ages; what's not to love?"

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An Ode to Pop Candy

Before Nerdist, before Watch What Happens Live, before geek was chic, there was Pop Candy and its creator, Whitney Matheson. Yesterday, we learned that USA Today was slashing its newsroom, with several venerable editorial staff being left in its cost-cutting wake. … Read More »

Watch “Something Wicked” in L.A. With Us

Hey Los Angelenos! Put down those bon-bons and shut off your Netflix. We’re inviting you to come watch the upcoming thriller “Something Wicked” with us on September 12. The movie is opening in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, NV in … Read More »

Airbnb: Not So Bad Being The Butt of Jokes

Ever since Airbnb unveiled their new logo, they’ve been the butt (or balls, if you prefer) of jokes. Apparently, everyone on the Internet has their mind in the gutter when they look at Airbnb’s logo. And Airbnb likely wants it no … Read More »

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