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Featured client: Kihon Games

"Kihon Games delivers pure joy in the form of mobile games to people of all ages; what's not to love?"

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Good Job, Media!

In honor of the recent film “Spotlight,” the true story of how the Boston Globe exposed one of the most horrific scandals of this generation, we want to applaud the good work that the media do. They don’t get nearly enough credit … Read More »


Kicking off with an incredibly powerful speech by MSNBC news anchor and journalist Richard Lui, ASIAN, Inc.’s annual Gala celebration was an exceptional night that reminded the audience of why diversity shouldn’t be a catchphrase but a way of life … Read More »

Every Picture Tells a Story – The Importance of Visual Marketing Strategies

  Visual marketing strategies play an integral role in just about every great PR effort these days. If you don’t know this by now, you are missing out on enormous opportunities for your brand and falling behind in the rapidly … Read More »

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